Are You Doing Self-Care All Wrong?

July 24, 2020By Jane AdesGeneral

The topic of self-care is one that has been discussed openly and often over the past decade. But for many, the concept of self-care is one that is still a bit mysterious, if not downright confusing. What Is Self-Care? First, self-care is a practice and a commitment we make to ourselves. It is any activity … Read More

5 Truths to Keep our Relationships Alive and Viable

July 6, 2020By Jane AdesRelationships

Are you seeking quiet time for yourself? Do you miss connecting with your partner? Throughout the years I’ve been practicing, couples often talk about the wish to spend more time at home with each other and their family. So, here we are during Covid-19, able and available for family togetherness. Yet, for many families, this … Read More