Anxiety Therapy

Anxiety is becoming more and more prevalent in our world today. The constant stream of information about Covid-19, even when good news, can induce a plethora of anxious feelings. Combined with everyday stressors we all feel from time to time, be it home and family life, work or relationship issues, the feelings of self-doubt can create stumbling blocks in our paths forward. It’s tempting to ignore or distract ourselves from these troubling thoughts, yet to do so only generates more anxiety as well as feelings of vulnerability. I can help you to become proactive and self-aware in dispelling and quieting these anxious thoughts which are a deterrent to living your most productive and meaningful life.

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Where does anxiety come from?

Relationship problems, parenting struggles, extensive working hours and the inability to socialize as we once did—in other words, just getting your life back–are often troublesome issues that can be a part of your feelings of anxiety.

Anxiety can also be masked by such feelings as anger, jealously, irritation, boredom or lethargy and It might accompany overeating, or over drinkingTrauma, whether from an accident, the sudden death of an important person to you, or chronic childhood neglect or abuse typically elaborate extensive anxiety. Unhappy and stressful times in your life fuel anxiety so that it no longer is a useful anticipatory tool, but an obstacle that prevents you from truly enjoying and participating in your own life.

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Find freedom from anxiety

Psychotherapy is the best medium in which to understand the underlying emotions that bring about your anxious feelings. I have over 32 years of experience with adults, adolescents and couples using psychodynamic psychotherapy. This is a process in which we work together to identify the stressors, whether from your past or present, that impinge on your life. I will help you learn to relax, be open to your thoughts and feelings and ultimately regain control of your life.

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How can we help?

With over thirty years of experience, Jane Ades has been assisting people with analyzing and assisting those who struggle with anxiety and stress. Every person Jane works with is treated with specific plans to help them grow and find meaning. No one deals with the exact same issues. Jane emphasizes the individual over the diagnosis. With so much experience, Jane is ready to learn more about you and help you reach your goals. We look forward to working with you.

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