Communication Vs Isolation

Intimacy and communication are the core concepts of a healthy relationship. Feelings of isolation and loneliness can arise when a relationship goes awry, when communication becomes stuck in a win-lose arguments. In an intimate relationship, you choose to open yourself to your partner, sharing who you are and creating lasting experiences which support strong connections. Trust engenders intimacy which in turn develops deeply personal connections.

Isolation stems from a person’s conscious or unconscious reluctance to achieve intimacy: perhaps you’ve had relationships in the past that were hurtful, perhaps you grew up in a family that relied on mistrust and manipulation and these experiences of enduring suffering and pain prevent you from now being open with your partner causing loneliness and isolation. You fear rejection and so shut down.

Becoming intimate requires you to resist your tendency towards avoidance—rather, it calls on you to be open and honest—with yourself and with others. Quite often, when you don’t have a strong sense of identity—a solid conception of who you are—you could have trouble with communicating your needs and desires.

I’ve had over thirty two years of experience treating individuals and couples understand which behaviors and thought patterns prevent intimacy and then develop strategies to achieve intimate and fulfilling relationships. If you’re ready to escape isolation and find more fulfilling intimacy, contact me today!

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