Couples Therapy

Couples therapy provides a safe space in which to explore your relationship. It helps move the couple from conflict to intimacy where problems can be dealt with collaboratively, instead of accusingly. It’s often too easy to take your partner for granted, especially during these times when home life, children’s schooling and work life exist in the same space. This is why it’s so important to find ways to re-connect.

Is couples counseling right for you?

Couples therapy is for straight or gay couples, married or not. Relationships take work: romantic ones tend to be even more challenging because of the personal issues that arise. Often, there are underlying issues that prevent the partners from achieving trust in one another. Problems can range from simple communication breakdown to significant disagreements and personality issues.

Work with an expert on relationships

I have been working with individuals and couples for over 32 years. I will help you learn to be more emotionally vulnerable with one another in order to form a secure bond and will help you gain insight into the patterns and dynamics that have become entrenched and at times intractable between the two of you. I will help you to learn ways to express yourselves in an open and vulnerable manner –a way of communicating that likely diminished through angry exchanges.

Get the support you need

Don’t wait for problems to escalate! The longer you wait to address your problems, the more likely these issues will significantly impair your relationship.

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