Depression Therapy

How To Tell If You Might Be Depressed

Depression encompasses feelings of sadness, loss or anger that interfere with daily living and relationships. Additionally, you may also be feeling irritable or lose interest in activities. You might experience weight loss or weight gain, have trouble sleeping or sleep too much. You might feel tired and fatigued or restless and unable to concentrate.

When you’re depressed, you can often feel as if you can never get out from under these heavy and wearying moods. Depression can arise due to early childhood trauma, a history of family depression, significant life events such as divorce or a death, or from worrisome medical conditions. You might experience feelings of worthlessness or feel like you’re a burden to others. Depression, however, is also quite common!

How To Overcome Depression

When you’re depressed, you lose the ability to use insight to understand yourself and you often can feel hopeless about your present or future. You might even feel beyond help. Depression is quite treatable and it’s important to seek help. Often, you’ve avoided living the life you want.

Start Therapy For Depression

I’ve had experience treating adults, adolescents and couples for depression for over 32 years. We will work together recognizing old patterns of intrusive thoughts which prevent you from living your fullest life, and I will support you in understanding the underlying dynamics of depression, helping you to appreciate your own light.

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