Self Identification

We all have a voice in our head, a sort of running commentary about how we’re doing in life. Unfortunately, most of the time it’s negative and repetitive. We are constantly judging and labeling ourselves, our partners and children, friends, colleagues, neighbors, and anyone else who might cross our path. This inner narrator of our interior lives is never satisfied. No matter how much we buy or consume, how many arguments we win, these criticisms find outlets in anger, even addictions. We find ourselves comparing and evaluating our self-worth.

Additionally, we often sacrifice the present moment to fixate on the past or anticipate the future, which, we think, has to be better than the past. We miss out on the experience of living in the moment, which in reality, is all we truly have. Through our work together, I can help you slow down your thoughts, breathe through your anger and frustrations and eliminate unhealthy habitual thoughts and behaviors, which ultimately lead to a greater sense of happiness, fulfillment and productivity.

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